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General Information – and Policies

Wood Species

Although we carry a very large selection of products, not all doors are stocked in all wood species. If you require “specialty” wood doors (i.e. cherry, walnut, ash, bird’s eye maple etc.), please consult with our staff regarding prices and availability.

Wood Color

All wood doors will have variations in shade and grain. This is part of the character and beauty of natural wood products.

Grades (PT, ST, V)

Paint Grade is the least expensive, and has more colour variations (PT)

Stain Grade may have color and grain variation, minimized by the application of a stain and shading techniques. (ST)

Varnish or Select Grade is as uniform in color as possible, and graded acceptable for a clear varnish. (V)

Again, Keep in mind that all wood doors will have variations in shade and grain. This is part of the character and beauty of natural wood products. If a grade is not specified, Stain is assumed.

Pair Match

Available only on flush doors, please specify pair match on your order for all cuts of wood, except rotary cut.

Cuts of Wood

Rotary has a curly type grain, most commonly, only Birch is rotary cut.

Flat or Plain cut is the most common, and alternates between cathedrals and straight grain.

Rift and Quarter Cut are mostly straight vertical grain,& less common, but highly requested for modern looks & offices.

In all woods, there can be figure, a squiggly effect in the grain, this is part of the character of wood, and not to be deemed a defect.

Door Sizes

Most of our doors are available in standard and odd sizes. Odd sizes add $30 as noted on price lists.

Custom Orders

Further to our standards, we provide a custom service capable of producing doors at your own design. Our knowledgeable staff

will be available to discuss endless creative possibilities.

• Prepayment or 1/2 Deposit is needed for all custom orders

• A signed sales order and shop drawing is also needed prior to commencing the work.

• Custom orders should not be cancelled or changed, if we are able to accommodate your change request, a fee may apply.

• Due to volume and variance of orders, please allow adequate time for your order!

Rush Orders

On slab doors, we have the unique ability to produce in a matter of days. Due to volume and variance of orders, we normally

ask for 2-3 weeks, but a rush is available, for a 20% surcharge and gets slab doors ready in +/- 1 week. A similar program is

available for solid wood doors, please inquire if you need your order quickly.

Checking on Orders

We always notify you by fax, phone or e-mail once ready, if you need to check on your order, please call / e-mail, we will do our

best to make sure your order is ready when you need it!


Unless a customer has established a credit account, all orders may be paid by:

• Cash

• Certified cheque

• Visa/Mastercard/Amex

• Debit card

Should the volume of purchases require an account, credit applications are available from our office. Once a fully completed and

signed application is returned, please allow a minimum of one week for processing. All new accounts will be acknowledged by letter.


All returns must be authorized in advance and are subject to a restocking charge. Only unused, uncut doors will be considered for credit. There is no return/credit allowed on any custom or special orders.


Door wood samples, literature and information are free upon request and located at our office.


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